Write your compare and contrast statement for each pair.

Here is a link to a type of a photo essay:

5 Tips for Creating a Photo Essay with a Purpose

Here is a link to a TIME magazine article about the 10 best photo essays:

You will need to pick ten images from your reading and take your own ten photographs to compare and contrast with them.

Each comparison should be one page and include a screenshot from the reading paired with an image that reminds or challenges what you read in the class. The pictures you take can come from your life, environment, another selected artwork, your imagination etc.

Please include a two or three sentence description of each pairing, then write your compare and contrast statement for each pair.

Also, your images need to be original and not taken from the internet, so I am asking that you include a small figurine/object of some kind in the photographic composition to show me you took the image yourself.

Please get in touch if you have questions. It’s a fun assignment.

Last year a student replicated the artworks from the book as performance pieces with a twist and photographed them. One year a student used only household items found at home to compare with artworks. Be creative if you like. Feel free to think outside the box.