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Explore your own digital literacy history. How have you learned technological skill? When did you learn? What events stand out in your mind as integral to your development of this literacy?

Make connections between your literacy opportunities and practices and the sponsors that made them possible

Consider the 8 Elements of Digital Literacy and how they relate to your development

Who helped your literacy development, and who or what hindered you or prevented you from making progress?

Consider the people, events, rules or laws, and institutions, such as schools, governments, and programs that could have impacted your literate progress.

Analyze the implications of the connections you identify. Considering the ways sponsors have helped or hindered your literate practices throughout your life, what conclusions can you draw about the justness or appropriateness of cultural norms and government regulations? What conclusions can you draw about the ways parents, siblings, and mentors can impact a child’s development? What lingering questions do you have about how you got to where you are today in your literacy development?

You do not have to answer every question above. Your goal with this and all essays is to use this assignment sheet as a starting point: Brainstorm your ideas, and then identify your main idea on which you will focus the essay. Organize the rest of your essay in the way you think is most appropriate.

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