Writer’s choice

Here is a link with music and performers that should be discussed http://www.reverbnation.com/Bethanydawne
Genre: What style of music was it? How do you know?
Performers: Who were the performers (band)? What are the names of the principal performers? What instruments were played and/or what voice parts are featured?
Information Relating to Class
Musical Characteristics: Discuss form, dynamics, tempo, instrumental roles, rhythm, and melody

Instrumentation: How does the instrumentation relate to our class discussions?
Technology: What technology is imperative to the success of the music? Electric Instruments? Amplification? Turntables? Synthesizers?

Social Significance or Relevance: Did the performers make a political or religious statement? Did the performance relate to social issues past or present? Did the music affirm or negate certain values?

Lyrical Content: What was the subject matter of the lyrics? Was there a message? Is this a message that is similar to other pieces by the group, or other pieces in the genre?