X COMPANY” Media Plan-Consider the following: What insights you have learnt from your research and preparation?


1. Current Situation of the Brand Conduct secondary research into your chosen brand and the sector to provide insights using all of the media planning resources available to you. You are seeking to understand the current market place and competitors. Consider the following: What insights you have learnt from your research and preparation? You need to show insights gained from your review of the market sector and summarise the key insights [briefly] to show what you have learnt and your brand/strengths/heritage. Using appropriate marketing models, you should analyse and identify weaknesses and opportunities that are available to your brand [identified from your analysis] you should also show that you understand who the main competitors for your brand are.

2. Target Audience: Current and new Develop a situational analysis including a target audience review – demonstrate clear insights that you have learnt about the brand from this research regarding their current target audience – give as much detail as you can regarding their characteristics, attitudes, consumption etc. Create new audience segment if you feel it is required [or edit or add to existing ones] – be as creative as possible to demonstrate that you understand your audience. Integrate findings from section one as appropriate.

3. Current Media Review of the chosen brand In this section you need to review the current media that the brand uses. Demonstrate a full understanding of the types of media used and evaluate their success/weaknesses – make clear links with the target audience factors you identified in section two. Demonstrate that you have an excellent understanding of all of the media that the brand currently uses. Evaluate the success of the media currently used by the brand and identify areas that you feel could be improved. Include relevant academic understanding of media measurement to show that you understand what it is and how it is used.

4. Media Plan for Future Growth Based on sections 1-3, you need to identify a clear gap/problem with regards to the brands’ current media planning and strategy and prepare a media plan for future growth. Justify your decision to focus on the area by summing up the key findings from your earlier sections – so you are offering a rationale for your suggested strategy. For example, you may have identified that the brand needs to improve its Social Media strategy, or improve their communications with a young target audience, or a new target audience entirely, or take advantage of different media options.
Be creative! Your goal is to explore in more depth the gaps that you identified through your research for your brand and their current media strategy. For example, if you identified that your brands’ social media plans are limited, you will propose a new media plan strategy for this.
Your media plan should cover:
• Objectives
• Target Audience [segmentation, consumer insights]
• Media Choices and Justification
• Measurement & Evaluation
• Timeline and Budget

5. Conclusion