You are a new solar engineer at General Solar, Inc., a vertically integrated PV finance/design/install/operate company. Write a background paper on a particular state’s or nation’s PV industry.

You are a new solar engineer at General Solar, Inc., a vertically integrated PV
finance/design/install/operate company. Your boss—Dr. Solei—has just asked you to
write a background paper on a particular state’s or nation’s PV industry. He wants to know
whether it would make a good new market for the company to enter, and your paper will
provide him the data he needs to make that decision. He wants your paper in a narrative
format (i.e., not just bullets), arranged it in a logical sequence. He is a busy man, however,
so he sternly warned you to keep the length down to 15 pages, maximum (he expects at
least 10 pages, however). You know he likes to see photos, graphs, tables, etc., too, so you
need to include at least a few of those. Finally, he wants you to recommend what type of
market penetration strategy General Solar should implement, if any. For example—target
residential customers? Build a large utility scale system? Sell micro-grid stand-alone systems to
small villages?
Happily, he gave you some guidance as to the content he wants in the paper. Per his
instructions, your paper must include:
Section 1: State of PV in your state/country/province
Current PV penetration (Percentage of electricity supplied by PV)
The three largest 3 PV installations
Cost of electricity (average residential, commercial or industrial customers)
Sources of electrical energy (coal, nuclear, renewables, etc.)
Top three module suppliers and top three inverter suppliers (i.e., three with
highest market share)
Domestic/local PV equipment manufacturing (e.g., Solectria making inverters
in Massachusetts)
Government incentive programs, if any
Section 2: Specific challenges for growing the PV deployment
(e.g., climate, over-regulation, corruption, poor infrastructure, etc.)
Section 3: Your recommended market penetration strategy
Dr. Solei knows that some information may be unavailable, especially if the
state/province/nation is outside North America or Europe. However, if you cannot find some of
the specific requirements listed above, then you should supplement your paper with any other
relevant facts on the PV industry for that state/province/nation. For example, discuss recent PV
projects that have just come on-line or recent laws that promote or restrict PV in your
The specific format for your paper is listed on the back of this page. Be sure to follow it exactly,
or Dr. Solei may decide to fire you and hire a different UML Solar graduate!
Finally, when you hand in your report, you will have to tell Dr. Solei the single most
important/interesting fact you learned about your state/province/nation. He’ll give you just two
minutes to do this!
MECH5250 Grid Connected Solar Electric Systems Prof Thomas
Fall 2017
Due at beginning of class, Nov 2.
Deliverable: Printed copy, given to Prof Thomas in class on Nov 2; and PDF copy, posted on
wikipage no later than noon Nov 3.
Length: minimum 10, maximum 15 pages
–does not include title page —
Format details: Required: Times New Roman; 12 font; double-spaced; 1-inch margins both
sides, top and bottom of page
References: All data/facts/tables/graphs must have references (source) included in report.
Oral Presentations will take place in class on Nov 2.
Oral Presentation Rules:
–Tell class what you found most interesting about your topic.
–Limited to 2 minutes
–You may have one page with graph, photo, etc., that you can display on overhead
projector. That’s it.
Here is the list of states, nations, or provinces that people will be working on.
a) New Zealand
b) China
c) United Arab
d) Italy
e) Japan
f) Connecticut
g) Nevada
h) South Africa
i) Republic of
j) Alaska
k) California
l) Massachusetts
m) New Hampshire
n) New York
o) Texas
p) Hawaii
q) Egypt
r) Portugal
s) North Carolina
t) Maine
u) France
v) Vietnam
w) Mexico
x) Florida
y) Brazil
z) New Mexico
aa)New Jersey
cc) Oregon